Conch - Medium

Conch - Medium


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Dimensions: 16cm*28cm The cost may vary based on weight and size


The medium-sized conch shell is an essential part of one’s puja samagiri. Blowing on the conch everyday wards off negativity in the home and creates a serene energy.

The soothing oceanic sounds can be heard while holding it close to your ears which is especially beneficial for a restless mind. 

Blowing the shell also exercises your thyroid glands, vocal cords, helps in correcting any speech problems and expands your lung capacity. 

Keeping a shankh or conch shell in the house is also helps get rid of Vastu dosha and brings good luck and prosperity. 

You may bring home a conch for the sacred properties it holds. These are available big & small sizes, also in varied shapes.

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